Horton Ranch Quanah, TX


Members and guests will practice the 10 Commandments of Gun Safety 
1. Treat every gun with the respect due a loaded gun. 
2. that Muzzle! Carry your gun safely. Keep safety on until ready to shoot. 
3. Unload guns when not in use; break down or have actions open.  
4. Be sure barrel is clear of obstructions and that you have the correct ammunition for caliber the of gun you are carrying. 
5. Be sure of the target before you pull the trigger. Know identifying features of the game you hunt. 
6. Never point a gun at anything you do not want to shoot. Avoid all horseplay. 
7. Never climb a tree or fence or jump a ditch with a loaded gun. Never pull a gun toward you by the muzzle. 
8. Never shoot a bullet at a flat hard surface or water. At target practice, be sure your backstop is adequate. 
9. Store guns and ammunition separately beyond the reach of children. 
10. Avoid alcoholic beverages before or during shooting. 

I. Members and guests will obey all HUNTING REGULATIONS. Conviction of a violation will result in immediate dismissal from the club, forfeiting all paid dues. Guests will be asked to leave the lease immediately and my forfeit any future hunting privileges 
II. All campfires must be attended. If, a fire escapes, all members present, must help control it. Proper authorities should be notified. 
III. Members are responsible for the behavior of their guests. Any guest who breaks a club rules, act in an unsafe or unruly manor, will be asked to leave. 
IV. All Blinds or Stands should be at least 200 yards apart, or completely out of sight of each other. No new blinds are to be setup without approval of Club Coordinator. Club Coordinator will settle disputes over Blinds / Stands location and safety. Club Coordinator’s decision is final. 
V. No littering. All trash will be placed in proper receptacles or burned in pit or enclosed container and removed when camp is broken. 
VI. Consuming alcoholic beverages while hunting is prohibited. 
VII. Ranch House- No items should be left in the freezer or refrigerator. The house should be left clean when you the property to head home. Club members have priority on sleeping arrangements in the ranch house. Host is responsible for guest leaving ranch house clean. A $200.00 fine will be accessed to host club member, if, ranch house is left uncleaned by guest. 
VIII. Guests- All guests are required to sign the Release of Liability, accompanied with a photo identification to establish eligibility to be allowed on the property. The Release of Liability Waiver and guest forms may be obtained by club member from club website, www.buffalohuntclub.org. A copy of the guest Release of Liability Waiver should remain in ranch house whenever said guest is on the property. Release of Liability Waiver and guest fees should be submitted and accepted no later than one week (7) days prior to hunt. 

Jerry Traylor 
P.O. Box 1720 
Cedar Hill, TEXAS 75106 
214 232 6524 Mobile 

Guest Fees are as follows: 
Dove- $100.00 
Deer- $350.00 
Turkey- $350.00 
Quail $100.00 
Hogs $150.00 

Guest fees may be submitted through Zelle: Buffalo Hunt Club 214-232-6524. 

Wild Game Cook-out- Annual event to be held around opening weekend of Spring Turkey Season. NO hunt guest fee will be accessed or required.

Guests are allowed to harvest one (1) Doe female deer only. The host member forfeits his right to harvest a Buck for remainder of Deer season, if, his guest shoots a buck. Members are only allowed to harvest one Buck male deer per season. Anyone violating this rule is subject to a $1,500.00 fine. A guest in violation of this rule may also be banned from future hunting privileges. A member violating the rule will be penalized and face suspension and/or dismissal from the club. Any one (1) guest may only be invited to hunt (2) times per hunting calendar year. Guests are allowed a maximum of three (3) days stay per visitation if they are hunting. 
IX. Travel Trailer Pad- $1,200.00 fee for trailer pad with hookups for duration of membership. This fee is non-refundable. 
X. Immediate Family Member- Members may bring an immediate family member to hunt as often as they wish. An immediate family member is defined as any family member that is a spouse, child under the age of 18, or a full-time college student under the age of 23. 
          a. Immediate family members must hunt only locations approved and maintained by host, unless permission has been granted to hunt another                    member’s area by that member.  
          b. A family member may harvest female deer on their own license, however, any buck that may be harvested goes against club member’s allotment. 
          c. Neither Buffalo Hunt Club nor the landowners will be held liable for immediate family members or guests . Immediate family members hunt at their own risk. 
          d. Any person that comes on lease property must sign a release waiver, including contractors, visitors etc. 


I, _______________________ agree to abide to the General Camp and Hunting Rules of the Buffalo Hunt Club.