Horton Ranch Quanah, TX



1. No items should be left in Bunk House refrigerator or freezer.

2. The Bunk House should be left clean when you leave the property to go home.

A. A fifty dollars fine ($50.00) will be levied if the house is not clean.

B. A sign-in and sign-out record MUST be signed to indicate that the house was left clean by you and your guests.

*3. All members are required to sign a release waiver to be held on file.   Waiver must be signed by member and spouse and mailed, emailed or faxed to Yondell Moore no later than September 1.  Member Waiver on file is sufficient  for duration of time as a Buffalo Hunt Club Member.

4. Hunting around or near another member’s blind or feeder without permission from that member is strictly prohibited at anytime. This includes hogs, quail, etc.

5. All members are responsible for their guests, where they should hunt, and where they should stay (sleep). Club members have priority over guests on sleeping arrangements. Guests are required to sign the "Guest Book". There will be a limit of 2 hunting guests per hunting season.

*6. All guests, to include non-hunting guests and helpers, are required to sign a release waiver for eligibility to be allowed on the property. Guests must have a waiver on file.  A signed waiver will be valid for fiscal year, September 1 – August 31, of the current year of signing the document.

The release waiver and the club guest form may be obtained from the club website, www.buffalohuntclub.org.

Release waiver and guests fees should be mailed or faxed to Yondell Moore prior to visitation to Horton ranch property.

Yondell Moore 

P. O. Box 4278 

Dallas, TX 75208

Fax: 214-376-3248 

Home: 214-375-3580 

Cell: 214-732-8665

*7. Guest-fee is $250.00 starting the opening day of bow season. A fine of $500.00 will be levied if the guest-fee is not paid within ten (10) days after the guest has hunted. Members' hunting privileges will be suspended until the fee is paid. A second offense of non-paying guest rule will result in immediate dismissal from the Buffalo Hunting Club.

8. Guests are allowed to harvest only one (1) female deer (no buck) during the deer season. The host member will forfeit his right to harvest a buck for the hunting year if his guest shoots a buck. Anyone violating this rule is subject to a $1500.00 mandatory penalty. A guest in violation of this rule may be fined $1500.00 and banned for life. A member in violation of this rule may be penalized $1500.00 and face suspension and/or dismissal from the club.

9. Any one (1) guest may only be invited two (2) times per hunting season. Guests may hunt once during dove season (no fees apply) and once during deer or turkey season (fees apply).  Guests may be allowed a maximum of a three (3) day stay per visitation if they are hunting.  This rule applies to non hunting guests also.

10. Guests may be invited to hunt hogs and varmints anytime other than deer and turkey seasons at no cost.

11. No new blinds are to be set up without approval of both club coordinator and Johnny Horton. This is a safety issue.

12. To qualify for the Club membership discount, a member must be 65-years of age with ten (l0) consecutive years of membership, or if less than 65-years of age, have ten (10) years of consecutive membership. Age 65 should be attained prior to September 01 of the hunting season in question.

Every member and quest is expected to hunt ethically and follow all guides set by the TEXAS PARKS AND WILDLIFE DEPARTMENT and BUFFALO HUNT CLUB.

*Revised 7/21/18