Horton Ranch Quanah, TX



All persons granted membership into the BUFFALO HUNT CLUB must comply with all by-laws as defined below and all State hunting regulations and laws. Failure to comply will result in a member’s termination from the club and forfeiture of all paid dues.

All members will receive a copy of the by-laws, membership roster and combination to entry gate.

All dues must be paid each year to club coordinator by first call August 1. Failure to submit dues on time may result in membership forfeiture and replacement by a paying prospective new member.

  1. The Club- Buffalo Hunt Club was established for comradery hunting and maintain membership.
  2. Work Day- Scheduled periodically during the year. Members agree to participate.
  3. Terms of Membership- Members must comply with all State and County game laws, the club land lease agreement(s), and the rules as defined in the club by-laws.
  4. Hunting Sign-in/Sign-Out-Members and guests must sign in upon arrival to camp on the appropriate documents located in Bunk House. Member and guests are required to sign in/out and list harvested game before final departure.
  5. Scouting- Scouting during hunting season must be held to a minimum. Some members hunt all day long which scouting presents a problem.

Scouting and hunting near or around another member’s hunting blind or feeder without permission from that member, is strictly prohibited.  

6. Guests- Members may bring guests for a set fee.(refer to General Camp and Hunting rules)

        a. Guests must hunt only locations approved and maintained by host, unless permission has been granted to hunt another member’s area by that              member.  

        b.  Neither Buffalo Hunt Club nor the landowners will be held liable for quests. Guests hunt at their own risk. Guests must sign a liability waiver                     and copy   of photo ID. 

        c.Guest fees and waivers must be approved within seven(7) days before the scheduled hunt.

        d.No one guest may hunt more than twice per deer or Spring Turkey seasons.

7. Immediate Family Members- Members may bring an immediate household family member to hunt as often as they wish. An immediate family member is defined as any family member that is a spouse, dependent under the age of 18, or a dependent that is a full-time student under the age of 23. 

        a. Immediate family members must hunt only locations approved and maintained by host, unless permission has been granted to hunt another                    member’s area by that member. 

        b. A family member may harvest female deer on their own licensed, however, any buck that may be harvested goes against club member’s                          allotment for buck.

         c. Neither Buffalo Hunt Club nor the landowners will be held liable for immediate family members. Immediate family members hunt at their own                   risk. A release waiver accompanied with proper photo ID must be provided.  

8.General Negligence- All State and County deer hunting regulations and laws, along with club rules will be enforced. 

9. Member Agreement- Members and all member guests acknowledge and accept agreement of the club by-laws, rules and regulations.

These by-laws have been created and will be enforced for the betterment to the club. Breaking any of the by-laws may result in immediate membership termination without refund of any paid dues.

Remember, the club is what you make it, and please keep safety in mind at all times.